How to play TiVo on Toshiba TV via USB Flash Drive

If you are busy and have no time to watch the live shows, you can use the TiVo to record the videos and play them on TV when you are free. The movies that recorded by TiVo saved as a special format as TiVo and it has a good quality. When you play the recorded videos on Toshiba TV you will find it failed. As I say, the TiVo is a special and Toshiba TV can’t recognize and open it. What can you when you meet these problems? Maybe you will give up playing TiVo on Toshiba TV, after looking this article you won’t think like this.

This article is dedicated to how to play TiVo videos on Toshiba TV via USB. Of course, it is written by me.

This problem is common to the person who wants to play TiVo on Toshiba TV. To play TiVo on Toshiba TV you have to convert TiVo to another format that Toshiba TV can support. In this case, the TiVo to Toshiba TV converter is must be mentioned. The TiVo to Toshiba TV converter has been used by more and more people. So I will introduce it to you in details.

1. As other converter, you must download and install the TiVo to Toshiba TV converter before you use. Go to a website and do that.

2. Click the add button to import the TiVo files you want to convert for Toshiba TV to the TiVo to Toshiba TV converter.

3. Tap the output format->MP4 to choose MP4 as the output format for your files.

4. If you observe the main interface of the TiVo to Toshiba TV converter carefully, you will see a settings button. The function of the button is to help you adjust some detailed parameters to make you satisfied with the converting videos.

5. In this step you just need to click the convert button to make the TiVo to Toshiba TV converter work.

Now you see, just 5 steps and you can transfer and convert TiVo to Toshiba TV. Wish you have the best visual effect.

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