Hi. I downloaded some 3D movies. I have a LG Smart TV and this Smart TV support 3D effect. Is there any special way to play this movie with 3D effect or can I play it in the usual way? I called the LG help desk and they say that the file format .mkv is not a valid 3D format. He told me I only can play 3D movies on LG 3D TV via Blu-ray Player.

2D to 3D for LG TV

Where are the 3D .mkv come from?
Usually, the 3D .mkv come from Blu-ray disc. If we copy or backup the Blu-ray movies to our computer, we can get .mkv files. The MKV video keeps original quality and resolution. MKV is a contain format, most of the electronic equipment doesn’t support .mkv playback, especially 3D MKV files. If you like enjoying 3D movies on big screen, such as playing 3D movies on LG 3D TV or watching 3D movies on LG Smart TV, you will be in trouble. Because LG 3D TV and LG Smart TV doesn’t support .MKV 3D files, which is really a great pity.

Can I play 3D movies on LG 3D TV/Smart TV?
Some LG TV users have this problem – Can the LG 3D TV convert 2D to 3D? Can the LG Smart TV stream movie? Have no a 3D TV can convert or stream video so far. We did, however, manage getting MKV fits LG 3D TV-by converting 1080P/720P MKV to MP4 H.264 video that is naturally supported. If you attempt to play 3D movies on LG 3D TV or Smart TV, you need switch to LG 3D TV Converter.

Watch downloaded 3D movies on LG 3D TV/Smart TV

LG 3D TV Converter Features:
Convert 2D to 3D for LG 3D TV and Smart TV, Convert DVD to LG 3D TV/Smart TV, convert .mkv to h.264 for LG 3D TV, burn AVCHD/MTS/M2TS etc. video to DVD, download video from YouTube and Hulu, convert AVI/MKV/MOV/WMV/M4V for playing on TVs, tablets, smart phones. You can free download and try this LG TV Video Converter.

How to watch downloaded 3D movies on LG 3D TV/Smart TV?

Step by step guide: Converting downloaded 3D video to LG 3D TV.

Step 1: Run LG TV Video Converter, this converter is the best LG 3D TV /LED TV /LCD TV /Smart TV/Plasma TV vide converter. Add downloaded 3D or 2D video into it.

Step 2: Choose best output format

Foe converting 3D to 3D: Click “Output Format” to choose H.264 MP4.

Best way to play downloaded 3D movies on LG 3D TV and Smart TV

For converting 2D to 3D: Click “Edit” to add 3D effect onto 2D videos.

Tip: You can click “Settings”, you will be able to adjust all the settings, including video encoder, video resolution, aspect ratio, video and audio bit rate, frame rate, sample rate and audio channel.

Step 3: Convert downloaded 3D video to H.264 MP4 3D video by clicking convert button.

Step 4: Play downloaded 3D movie on LG 3D TV/Smart TV via USB

Click “Open Folder”, transfer the converted 3D video to USB Flash Drive or a digital device. You can play 3D movies on LG 3D TV now.

Other tips for enjoy movies on LG TV:

1. LG TV Video Format, watch all formats on LG TVs.
2. Transfer iTunes movies to LG TVs (LED, LCD, 3D and smart TV).
3. Convert 2D to 3D for playing 3D movies on LG 3D TV.
4. Play MKV movies on LG Smart TV/LEDTV/LCD TV/3D TV and Plasma TV.
5. Enjoy downloaded 3D movies on LG 3D TV.