The Sony TV has 240Hz working the imaging-this is unexpected and appreciated as the greater Hz results in a smoother image in general, with less motion distortion. The largest, highest resolution picture Sony has ever produced on Sony HBR 4K Ultra HD TV. You can enjoy 1080p movies on Sony BRAVIA HDTV. But can we watch AVI/MKV files on Sony Sony HX/EX/BX/HBR HX series HDTV?

The answer is yes. Please follow the below guide.

How to watch MKV/AVI movies on Sony BRAVIA  HDTV? Which way is the best? Below is my opinion:

One: Watch movies on Sony BRAVIA LED HX850/HX750 Internet TV through an USB

You can connect your movable equipment (iPad, iPhone, Galaxy S2/S3, Sony Xperia S/P/U, HTC One X etc.) and TV via USB. Let TV read these video files.

Two: Watch movies on Sony BRAVIA LED HX850/HX750 Internet TV via USB Flash Disk.

You need to transfer the movies to USB Flash Disk first. Then, insert the USB Flash Disk into USB interface.

Sony BRAVIA HDTV can’t play all MKV/AVI files, you have to convert MKV/AVI to Sony BRAVIA HDTV supported video format. MP4 is your best choice. How to convert MKV/AVI files for Sony HX/EX/BX/HBR HX series HDTV? Sony BRAVIA HDTV Video Converter can help you. You can free download Sony HDTV Video Converter or Sony BRAVIA HDTV Video Converter for Mac.

Video Converter UltimateVideo Converter Ultimate for Mac

Sony BRAVIA HDTV Video Converter

With this Sony TV Video Converter, you can convert and download movies for your Sony HDTV. If you like, you can burn video to DVD via Sony TV Video Converter.

Sony HDTV Video Converter support TVs:

HBR 4K Ultra HD TV, LED HX850/HX750 serice Internet TV, XBR HX950 Internet TV, LED EX640/340/645 serice Internet TV, LCD BX450/330 serice HDTV etc.

The step by step guide: How to play MKV/AVI on Sony HDTV via USB?

Step 1: Install and run Sony TV Video Converter, add MKV/AVI video files into it.

Step 2: Choose 1080p profile

Click “Output Format”, choose “Format > HD > MP4”. This profile can help you play 1080p MKV/AVI movies on Sony TV.

Watch MKV/AVI movies on Sony BRAVIA HDTV via USB

Tip: If you want to get 3D movies for your Sony TV, you can choose “Format > 3D > MP4”.

Step 3: Convert MKV/AVI to Sony TV

Click “Convert” button to start MKV/AVI to Sony HX/EX/BX/HBR HX series HDTV conversion.

Step 4: Transfer converted video files

After conversion, you need to transfer converted MKV/AVI files to your device or USB Flash Disk. You can click “Open Folder” to get the converted video files. Copy them to your device or USB Flash Disk.

Step 5: Play MKV/AVI on Sony HDTV

Now, you can play movies on Sony HX/EX/BX/HBR HX series HDTV via  USB or USB Flash Disk.