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Blu-ray to Philips TV-play Blu-ray on Philips TV

The purpose of this tutorial is to teach you how to play Blu-ray on Philips TV via USB.

We know that Blu-ray movie has the better qualities than other formats and many people bought it from internet to play. It must be very wonderful when you play Blu-ray on Philips TV. But the Philips TV can’t recognize the Blu-ray files. So the Blu-ray to Philips TV converter

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DVD to Philips TV-play DVD (ISO) on Philips TV via USB

Do you have stored some DVDs? I don’t know whether you like watch DVD movies but I like. I often play and watch DVD movies on DVD projector in the past. This year, I bought a Philips TV when I play DVD on Philips TV, I don’t know the way to play DVD on Philips TV. So I search the reason on the internet, many methods are mentioned. After I follow them one by one, I find the best way to play DVD (ISO) on Philips TV via USB.

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Play FLV/F4V Flash Video on Philips LED/LCD TV

In recent years, the FLV/F4V Flash Video is more and more popular because that the FLV/F4V Flash Video has the small volume and high qualities. More and more people like to download FLV/F4V Flash Video and play them on playback devices. Now problems appear, when you play FLV/F4V Flash Video on Philips LED/LCD TV, you will find that you usually fail. Philips LED/LCD maybe says that the format not be supported or the format is not a right format. The reason that Philips TV can’t recognize FLV/F4V Flash Video is that the FLV/F4V format is not the Philips TV supported format.

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Q: How can I play AVCHD/MTS/M2TS on Philips LED/LCD TV with the USB?

Detail: I have stored many movies whoseformats are AVCHD, MTS/M2TS and all of them are very wonderful, so I want to share with my friends. But the screen of the tablet is very small and it doesn’t have the best visual effect. From the internet I know that Philips TV can play movies with the help of the storage devices. The most fortunately is that there is a Philips LED/LCD TV in my home. So follow the directions of Philips TV I copy the movies to USB and connect it with Philips TV. The problem appears that Philips TV says that the formats not be supported. I want ton know how to play AVCHD/MTS/M2TS on Philips LED/LCD TV. Please help me, wait for your answers.

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How to play AVI on Philips LED/LCD TV via USB?

We know that we have many ways to play movies on the playback devices, the most popular device is the Philips TV. The Philips TV can let you play movies, videos on it via USB or other storage mediums. As a professional staff on science and technology, I have met many kinds of problems about playing movies on Philips TV, the most of the problems is that how to play AVI movies on Philips TV via USB. Many people meet the same problem that Philips TV say that the AVI can’t be recognized when they play AVI on Philips TV via USB.

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