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How to play MOV on Sharp LED/LCD/3D TV via USB?

As we know that with the development of the science and technology we can play videos and movies via USB on any smart TV. But you should know that smart TV can not play all the formats videos. Every TV has its specific supported formats, if you play the format that not included in the list of supported formats, you must be failed.

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Does Sharp TV play VOB files? Watch VOB on Sharp TV

In recent years, the smart TV is more and more popular in the electronic industry. Among many TVs the Sharp TV is a smart TV that has a very big clarity and resolution and you can play movies on Sharp TV via USB. But if you play VOB files on Sharp TV, you will find that you are failed. Why the VOB files can’t play on Sharp TV? Are the VOB files damaged?

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How to play TiVo on Sharp TV through USB?

You must have heard of TiVo, but do you have recorded the TV shows or other videos with TiVo? You know that TiVo is video record equipment and with it you can record any TV shows when you have no time to watch the live shows. You can play TiVo on the other devices as long as the devices can recognize it, but when we want to play on the device such as Sharp TV that can’t open it, what should we do?

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How to play MTS/M2TS on Sharp TV via USB?

This tutorial I will tell you how to play MTS/M2TS on Sharp TV via USB.

MTS/M2TS, a common format, is famous for videos recorded by Sony and Panasonic camera. The MTS/M2TS videos have high qualities and many people saved the videos that they recorded as the MTS/M2TS. As its particularity, the Sharp TV and many other devices can’t supported the MTS/M2TS videos. So if you want to play MTS/M2TS on Sharp TV via USB you must convert MTS/M2TS video to another format that Sharp TV can supported.

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Can Sharp TV play AVCHD video from USB Flash Drive?

If you have many AVCHD videos with high qualities, do you want to play them on Sharp TV through USB Flash Drive? As we know that Sharp TV can play movies smoothly via USB with its players, but not all of the movies can be played on Sharp TV. The AVCHD is one of them that can’t play on Sharp TV. The AVCHD is a special format and many devices can’t play it directly. So what should you do if you want to play AVCHD video on Sharp TV? Don’t worry about this situation, many people met this problem and most of them have solved it.

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Copy Digital Copy to Sharp TV and play via USB

Here is a problem, I have a USB and I want to copy my collected movies to USB to play them on Sharp TV. When I play them on Sharp TV and Sharp TV says that it can’t open the Digital Copy movies. From the internet I know that the Digital Copy is protected by DRM and before you want to play Digital Copy on Sharp TV you must get the authorization. So I spend a bunch of time to find another way to play Digital Copy on Sharp TV without authorization. But failed, can you tell me how I can play Digital Copy on Sharp TV?

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