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Play H.265/HEVC movies on Sony 4K OLED TV and LED TV

With the exception of other 2019 Smart TVs, the Sony Bravia A8G outperforms every other TV we’ve tested. It delivers perfect black levels, wide viewing angles, accurate color and a great bright-room picture. Its unique stand-less design is almost all picture when seen from the front. The TV’s screen is bigger and bigger, The way we watch the film is more and more. We can watch Blu-ray and DVD on our TV via player,  we can play hot movies on Sony TV via Apps. The A8G ‘s Amazon and Netflix apps support both 4K and HDR. Google Play Movies and TV has 4K support, there’s an UltraFlix app with some niche 4K content and, of course, 4K support on the YouTube app.

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Watch 4K Blu-ray on Samsung 4K QLED TV via USB drive

Q: “I recently bought a new Samsung 4K QLED TV – 65″ Class Q9FN QLED Smart 4K UHD TV (2018) , and I’d like to watch my 4K Blu-ray movies on it. But my previous Blu-ray player only support 1080p, is there any solution to make my 4K Blu-ray playable on Samsung 4K QLED TV? Thanks in advance!”

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How to play MP4 on Samsung LED/LCD/3D Smart TV?

Have you ever encountered such problems when you use the Samsung LED/LCD/3D Smart TV play the movies, Samsung TV will say that the format is not the format and Samsung TV can’t recognized the files? Of course, there are some other problems, such as the picture is not clear, not a full-screen playback, sound mixing and so on. So maybe you will ask that why these problems can appear? Are there some good ways to solve this problem? Now let me answer these problems to you one by one.

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