From the internet, I find that many people are puzzled with play AVI video files on Vizio TV via USB. This problem is very common and I sure that most of people still don’t know how to play AVI video files on Vizio TV via USB. This article I will answer your doubts with simple words.

Before solve this situation, we should know that whether the AVI is included Vizio TV supported formats. If included, we can play AVI on Vizio TV via directly. But unluckily, Vizio TV can’t recognize the AVI because it can’t support AVI format. Understand this fact, we can find the corresponding ways to solve it.

Aimed to this situation, we can convert AVI to Vizio TV with the software called AVI to Vizio TV converter. This AVI to Vizio TV can convert AVI to many formats that Vizio TV can support friendly. Below are the ways to use the AVI to Vizio TV converter to convert AVI to Vizio TV.

1. Load the AVI files that you want to play on Vizio TV to the AVI to Vizio TV converter after you install and open it on your computer.

2. Choosing a right format for the output is the most important when you use the AVI to Vizio TV converter. In this step, you have many choices and you can choose any format to suit Vizio TV. But the best format is MP4 and you should choose it.

3. Start the conversion.

Everything has been done and you can click the convert button to start the conversion. You don’t worry that you will wait for a long time, just a cup of a tea time and the AVI to Vizio TV converter can finish all the work.  After conversion you can copy converted movies to USB to play on Vizio TV.


The AVI to Vizio TV converter provides a function that you can adjust the resolution, the bit rate and other details about the movies as you like. Try this function and you will have unexpected harvests. Wish you happy when you play AVI on Vizio TV.