Watch/play WMV on Vizio LED/LCD/3D Smart TV

“I got a new TV. It’s a Vizio TV. Anyhow, as most of you probably know, Vizio TV has the USB connection for USB so we can play movies directly if we copy movies to USB. I’ve got a couple of WMV format movies and would liken to play them on Vizio TV. Unfortunately, some of the files can’t be recognized by Vizio TV and it says the format is not right for Vizio TV. So my question is, how do I solve these problems and play WMV on Vizio TV? Is it very difficult to play WMV on Vizio Smart TV? Thanks all.

From the above, I think I can help you with my own experience. The best way to play WMV on Vizio Smart TV is that you can convert WMV to another format that Vizio TV can support with the help of the WMV to Vizio TV Converter. The converter can help you do this work without your too much effort. The following, I will give you some advice about using the WMV to Vizio TV Converter.

1. Download, install and run.

As we know that if we want to use software we must download, install and run it on your computer. According to the previous methods that you use other software to finish this step.

2. Add.

Add the WMV files to the WMV to Vizio TV Converter.

3. Choose.

In your problems, you mentioned that Vizio TV says that it can’t support the WMV. In this step, you can choose a right format for the Vizio TV. You can get the information about the Vizio TV supported formats in the instruction manual of Vizio and choose the best one.

4. Optimize and start.

By clicking the settings button you can set some details about the output format. Then, after you have done all the settings you can start the WMV to Vizio TV Converter to convert WMV to Vizio TV.

This is just a simple method to solve your problems, if you want to know more, please browse our website to get more.

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