How to play MOV on Sharp LED/LCD/3D TV via USB?

As we know that with the development of the science and technology we can play videos and movies via USB on any smart TV. But you should know that smart TV can not play all the formats videos. Every TV has its specific supported formats, if you play the format that not included in the list of supported formats, you must be failed. Now I give you an example, before you want to play MOV on Sharp LED/LCD/3D TV via USB, you should know that whether the MOV is the Sharp TV supported format. From the official website of the Sharp TV we know that the Sharp TV can’t open the MOV videos. What should we do when we meet this situation?

To solve this problem, you should need the help of a converter which can convert MOV to Sharp TV. The converter called MOV to Sharp TV converter, with it you can solve this problem easily. Download it on our website and it can’t cost you some time.

At first, after downloading, you should install and run the MOV to Sharp TV converter on your PC.

Then, import the MOV files into the MOV to Sharp TV converter and you will find that the main information about the MOV videos is showed on the MOV to Sharp TV converter.

Third, now you can choose the best suit format for the output videos. The MOV to Sharp TV has prepared many formats for you to choose. Click the output format->MP4 to choose the MP4 as the best format.


After choosing format, if you are still not satisfied with the qualities of the output format, you have a choice to adjust the details about the output videos. in the settings, you can adjust many parameters such as resolution, bit rate and other settings to make the videos suit your taste.

Last, complete the conversion after you click the convert button and wait for a while. Now, you can copy the converted videos to USB and play MOV on Sharp TV.

After you do this follow me, you will think that play MOV on Sharp TV is easy and the MOV to Sharp TV converter  is the best converter.

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