Can Vizio TV play MTS/M2TS video files via USB?

Many High-definition televisions such as Vizio TV and other TVs often include a USB port that can accept a USB flash drive. The movies that stored on the USB flash drive can be played on the Vizio TV. But no all formats movies can be played in Vizio TV. The MTS/M2TS, used by the cameras such as Sony, Panasonic, Canon and JVC is a format that you can’t play on Vizio TV via USB. Before you want to play MTS/M2TS videos on Vizio TV you must convert the MTS/M2TS into a video format that Vizio TV can recognized, such as MP4 format. You can convert the MTS/M2TS to Vizio TV with software that created by our company called MTS/M2TS to Vizio TV converter. You can use MTS/M2TS video to Vizio TV converter not need other equipment but a windows system computer.

1. Install the MTS/M2TS to Vizio TV converter after you download it.

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2. Add the MTS/M2TS videos to the MTS/M2TS to Vizio TV converter and choose a right format as the output format. You can add many files at one time and convert them to the same format.

Can Vizio TV play MTS/M2TS video files via USB?

Of course, you can convert them to different formats as long as Vizio TV can support. But, from my experience, you’d better choose MP4 as the best output format.

Can Vizio TV play MTS/M2TS video files via USB?

3. After you choose the format, the conversion has completed nearly. But if you have higher requirements about the output format, this step can give you the way to optimize the videos. Do it just click the settings button and adjust the different parameters as you like.

4. This is the last step to convert MTS/M3TS to Vizio TV. You can copy the converted videos to USB and play them on Vizio TV after conversion completed.

This short article is a simple introduction, if you want to know more about the MTS/M3TS to Vizio TV converter, please search MTS/M3TS to Vizio TV convert on the any one search engine.

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