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AVCHD to Samsung TV converter, AVCHD format file converter

Maybe you have bought a camcorder and you want to record the wonderful moments for later recalls. Maybe you have recorded many exciting and unforgettable times but when you want to share the videos that you collected with your family and friends on your Samsung TV you will find that Samsung TV can’t open the files. Now after you read this passage you will know the reason and the resolution to play your recorded videos on Samsung TV.

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Convert WMV to MP4 for Samsung Smart TV, LED/LCD/3D TV

Do you have try to play WMV formats videos on Samsung Smart TV, LED/LCD/3D TV? If you have, you must have met the question that Samsung Smart TV, LED/LCD/3D TV said that the WMV is not its supported format and it can’t open the WMV videos. So what should we do when we meet this problem? If you have read this passage, you will know the methods to solve this problem.

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DVD to Samsung Smart TV converter-rip DVD to HDTV

“Recent month, my friend asked me that he has many DVDs which are wonderful movies. When he wanted to play DVD on Samsung Smart TV, Samsung Smart TV says that it doesn’t know how to play DVD discs on Samsung TV. He wanted me to give him a good method to play DVD on Samsung Smart TV. I passed a long time effort on this problem, I find that Samsung Smart TV can support many formats to play but play DVD discs. So if we want to play DVD on Samsung Smart TV we must convert DVD discs to MP4 format, and copy to USB flash drive for Samsung TV playback. Now I will share my experience with you on how to play DVD on Samsung Smart TV. ”

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