“I have purchased many iTunes movies from Apple iTunes store, some are 1080p full HD iTunes movies, what I want is to transfer/copy iTunes movies to USB flash drive and play on Samsung smart TV, I tried but the iTunes movies all can’t be played on Samsung HDTV, it seems that the iTunes videos are protected, what should I do?”

It is good choice to play iTunes movies on Samsung smart TV via USB flash drive or memory card, we can get better visual enjoyment. In order to play 720p or 1080p iTunes movies on Samsung TV via USB, maybe you have tried but failed. The main failure reason is that the iTunes movies are DRM protected by Apple, iTunes movies can only be played on Apple authorized devices, such as your Mac computer, etc. the iTunes can’t be recognized or played by unauthorized devices, such as players, smart TV, tablet or smartphone.

iTunes movies on Samsung TV

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How to get rid of DRM protection and play iTunes movies on Samsung TV and other devices?

You will need iTunes movie converter to remove DRM protection and convert iTunes M4V movies to compatible format for Samsung smart TV to play via USB.

Now you can follow the guide below to convert iTunes movies to unprotected videos for Samsung smart TV to play.

1. Free download Video Converter Ultimate, run this software as best Samsung TV iTunes converter, this software can convert iTunes M4V movies, iTunes TV shows, iTunes music to any unprotected video or audio.

Samsung TV iTunes Converter

2. Import your iTunes movies to this software. And choose output format you need. To play iTunes movies on Samsung TV via USB storage, you are recommended to choose MP4 format, this is best format for smart TVs and players.

Samsung TV iTunes Converter MP4

3. You can customize the output parameters, such as resolution, bitrate, etc. you can keep them as default.

Samsung TV iTunes Converter Settings

4. Click convert button to start. The best iTunes movie converter will convert iTunes movies or TV shows with best video and audio quality.

After converting iTunes movies to MP4, you can copy them to USB flash drive, and then you can play iTunes videos on Samsung smart TV, LED TV, LCD TV, or 3D TV freely. You can also copy converted videos to other devices for playback. Now, please take a free try, hope this article can help you.