It’s a feast for the eyes to watch movies on TV. But if your TV can’t install Netflix, it’s a pity. You can’t watch Netflix movies on TV. Perhaps you can play Netflix movies on TV after connect computer to TV. But, it’s so trouble. Is there a way to download Netflix movies? It’s hard for you to download Netflix movies to computer, Netflix movies were protected by DRM. Actually Netflix itself only provides streaming movies for customers, no video downloads. So, you need third party Netflix Downloader. The approaches are different, but results are excellent.You can download Netflix movies to Samsung TV and download movies for iPad 4 from Netflix. But first, you have to download Netflix movies to computer. Let Netflix Downloader help you.

Download Free Netflix Downloader.

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Part One : How to download Netflix movies to TV?

1: Install Free Netflix Downloader. How to download YouTube videos for your TV/Smart TV/HDTV? You can read this tutorial: How to download YouTube video to TV?

2: Run Free Netflix Downloader

Click the Start menu of the computer, and then go to All Programs>Wondershare>Video Converter Ultimate> Wondershare Video Recorder

Tip: You can right-click the mouse > send it to > Desktop shortcut.

You need using its record function to download Netflix movies. This function is totally free. Run Free Netflix Downloader. Pop up the note below:

3: Play Netflix movies on your computer

Go to the Netflix site,  find  and play the video you want to download.  This Netflix Downloader can  crawl video area.

4: Customizing

Adjust recording area by drag the read border, then click button to download movies from Netflix. Before recording, you can customize the download time and then tick the “Stop in” option next to the button.

When the download is done, the Free Netflix Downloader will pop-up the downloaded movies

The downloaded movie format is WMV, you have to convert WMV to MP4 for your TV or other device (Android/Apple). You will get 1080p Netflix  movies for TV.


Part Two : How to convert Netflix movies to 1080p MP4?

1. Run Video Converter Ultimate, click “Add File”add the  downloaded Netflix movies into it.

2. Choose MP4 as output video format. Click “Output Format” bar, and select “Format > HD > MP4”.

3.  You can click “Settings”  to get 1080p movies for your TV.

4. Click “Convert”  button to start  Netflix movies to 1080p MP4 conversion.

Part Three : Transfer the downloaded Netflix movies to USB Flash drive.

When the conversion is done. You can click “Open Folder” to get the converted video files. Transfer these Netflix files to USB flash drive. Now, you know how to download Netflix movies to your computer, and you can play Netflix movies on TV via USB. If you like, you can play the converted Netflix movies on any devices, such as iPad 4, iPhone, Galaxy S4, Xperial Z etc.